Sunday, 6 March 2011

Just for ewe

With Mother's Day approaching, I had a it of a card making evening to get stock ready for Thorne's Farm Shop. It took me a while to get into it, because cakes seem to have taken over my life and squeezed out some of my other crafty pursuits! I got there in the end though. I kept the cards simple, the way I like them and embellished them with the odd bit of sparkle- even the ewes got the glitter treatment! For once I have something other than cake for Handmade Monday! If you want to see what other crafties have been up to this week, have a look at 1st unique gifts' blog...


Saturday, 5 March 2011

10% of sales to CLIC Sargent

My six year old nephew is currently undergoing treatment for a brain tumour. His family have received brilliant support from CLIC Sargent and as I'll be selling cakes at an event to support them at the end of the month, I thought I'd extend the support and donate 10% of all sales between now and then.

That's all, just letting you know!

Muffin Madess

I'm not feeling very wordy today, so I'll just share a few muffin photos with you. I'm on my fourth flavour this week, salted caramel, but they're about to be made, so for now, these are the first three...


Carrot and coriander, yum!

My favourite, red and green pesto, with bacon and parmesan. They were lovely, even if I did forget the baking powder!

 Anyone know where I can get coloured tulip cases? I love these brown ones, but I'd like some coloured ones for gift boxes/baskets.