Friday, 20 July 2012

Cupcakes for men

Cupcakes for men are always tricky. They're typically quite girly and pretty, so with no colour preference from the customer, I just went for navy and ivory... with a bit of lustre because cupcakes have to be a bit pretty, right?!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Crispie Cake Take Two

I'm getting a bit into my Crispie Cakes now! I had a bit of a play this morning and made a chocolate and malteaser one- sprayed gold of course!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Cake by Post

I've never had any luck posting cupcakes, but lemon drizzle cakes I can do!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Cupcake Parties

More because of circumstance than anything else (I was too ill to spend hours decorating), my sons and their friends decorated their own cupcakes at their third birthday party. They loved it so much I will be adding cupcake parties for children and adults (think hen parties etc) to my repertoire. Details to follow soon...

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Something a bit different

I saw a blog post the other day that inspired me to make a rice krispie cake, like the ones you make in paper cases, but a whole 6" cake tin of it to be served in slices! I'll be doing a rice krispie wedding cake for a wedding fair I'm doing in September- you never know when someone will be after something a bit different!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Wedding Cake

Ivory and Brown Gerbera Wedding Cake (Sponge).

Monday, 9 July 2012


A novelty cake today. Carved chocolate madeira.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Ballderdash is back!

And for my return to blogging, some photos. First up, the Vintage Rose Wedding Collection I worked on for a wedding consultation this week. Hoping to add recipes and tutorials along the way. I'd love to know what you'd like to see :)