Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Introducing Baby Bunting... see what I did there?!

Long time no blog post I hear you say. Well yes, sometimes life gets in the way, in a good way of course! I am now the proud owner of a four week old baby boy (as well as two two and a half year old boys, *gulp*). So there we go, absence explained by the end of a looong pregnancy- he was 12 days overdue, and more recently by having a new baby.

Archie Patrick born 15.11.11 weighing 10lb 14oz (yes, you read it right!)
The business, which I've recently pared down to focus on just cakes, although I may reintroduce other bits at a later date, will be undergoing a revamp over the next few months and this blog is a bit directionless at the moment, so any sporadic posts will probably be rambling and diary-like!

I'm making snowflakes to decorate the house today. I would say I'm doing it with the children, but that's a lie... they're watching Toy Story! So, if I get my act together, my next post will be some lovely festive photos of my house :)


  1. Welcome to the world Little archie :) well not so little really! Well done you and many congratulations xx

  2. Congratulations. Beautiful photo. Don't work too hard, enjoy your family and have a brilliant Christmas.

    Jan x

  3. Stop it you're making me broody!!! How adorable. Well done and congratulations :) xx