Thursday, 15 January 2015

Consultation to Cake- Part Two

I know, it's been a while, sorry! I was waiting for the official photographs and well, then it was Christmas and that just got in the way, etc etc. Enough excuses!

After the initial consultation and sketches, we go away and sketch the final design (always open to artistic interpretation- if it looks rubbish when I start making it, I'll tweak it until it looks right). Once the bride and groom have approved the watercolour sketch, we make a start on any early preparation. In this case, Gail started work on lots of flowers, based on the pictures Beth had provided us with.

The flowers were about four solid days work, but the final result was definitely worth it!
We always make more than we think we'll need, because invariably there's a gap that needs filling that you didn't expect.

As the wedding day gets closer, we bake, fill, crumb coat and finally ice and dowel the cakes before packing them in boxes ready to assemble at the venue.

So with the boot full and a box of 'kit' ready to go (spares, royal icing, scissors, pritt stick etc), it's finally time to set up the cake.

See Part 3 for the official wedding photos!