Sunday, 23 January 2011

And now for something completely different...

For my Father-in-law's birthday, I am making him a shooting cake, complete with pheasant flying over the top. Eek! What have a I let myself in for?! In my mind a have a green cake, with bushes and trees, and a man leaning against the side of it pointing a gun skywards. Over the top will be hovering a pheasant in flight. Ooh, I could even add his dogs! Let's see how it goes...

Well, that was written a few days ago. The cake has been made and demolished. It did have a pheasant in flight, but being for family, I left it until the last minute, so as you look at the photos please bear in mind that much more care is taken over cutomers' orders!

A pheasant in flight! Didn't realise he looked blind until now- really should have added black centres to the eyes!

Pretty shoddy man and dog. Lessons learnt about leaving things until the last minute!

Trees (with stray icing sugar!)

Overall effect, not too bad!
With a little more time, the man could have been much better, as could the dog. If I'd done a bit more forward planning I could have made a much more accurate gun, and maybe even had him pointing it skywards as intended- maybe next year!

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