Tuesday, 18 January 2011

What's in a name...

I need your help. I've just made a batch of plum crumble muffins/cupcakes... let's just call them cakes for now. The only real difference between them and a cupcake is that they are in a different case and are a bit less pretty (although just as delicious!) Some muffins I make are a different consistency to a cake, they're much heavier, but these are light and fluffy. So there's my dilemma- what do I call them, muffins or cakes?! Does it actaully matter? Would you be disappointed if you bought a muffin to find that it was light and fluffy?

Your thoughts please...


  1. If it doesn't have the consistency of a muffin and isn't in a muffin case then its not a muffin.

  2. But what *is* the consistency of a muffin?! It is in a muffin case :-p

  3. I think you should call them Ca-ffins, or Mu-akes (Muf-akes sounds wrong lol). Go with a new name and be different. I just want to try one though!

  4. Hahaha, Muf-akes- I sooo read that as muff-cakes!