Sunday, 16 January 2011

Fabulously girly... and tasty too!

OK, so as promised, a big picture post. This was my big order of the weekend. Super-girly cupcakes in four flavours- lemon drizzle, white chocolate and raspberry, vanilla and chocolate fudge.

Baked and ready for the fun bit!

Butterflies and roses in the early stages.
And again... with a bit of added bling!

Each flavour had a different decoration, so the customer knew which was which.

Vanilla~ buttercream rose

Chocolate fudge~ fondant roses

White chocolate and raspberry~ raspberry buttercream swirl (with glitter!)

 Lemon drizzle~ butterflies

And finally, for the birthday girl!

I wrapped each cupcake in a butterfly wrap and they'll all be displayed on my beautiful mirrored cake stand, although I'm sure the customer will put them on something a bit classier than my creased old tablecloth!

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