Monday, 21 February 2011

Eat me!

I had a really busy week last week and it seems this week will be no different! I did a Luxury Ladies Evening at a local private school on Thursday and got through about half a box of business cards and loads of samples- hilarious how many of the ladies said 'oh no, really I musn't', then ate about one and a half cakes worth of samples! I made some fabulous contacts and was photographed for Somerset Life magazine, although why they didn't want to take pretty, up close photos of the cakes is beyond me... Note to self, must iron apron next time, oops!

And I thought my cupcakes would look lost on a 6' table!

I decided at the end of last week that I would offer Rocky Road at little more than cost price to anyone who would be a posting guinea pig. I got a huge response and I've been packaging and posting little packets of yumminess today. So my handmade Monday item for this week (thanks Wendy at 1st Unique Gifts!) is Rocky Road, wrapped in greaseproof paper, tied with string and finished off with handmade labels.


  1. * Does a ^ ROCKY ROAD - COME'TH TO ME ^ Dance *

    I have this morning warned the postie that any packages HAVE to be hand delivered ONLY to ME and ME ONLY . . I think he thought I was mad - but if the kids get wind there is something edible in the post it won't make it into the living room :)

    Glad your ladies evening went well - I find those sort of evenings are great for networking and making new contacts - and hopefully future business :-)Lovely pictures too

    Ps I hope the rocky road is calorie free, fat free and low in butter ( feel free to lie to make me believe it is :) )

  2. OMG i love rocky road and yours looks delicious.
    Love the "eat me" tag also, what a brilliant idea!
    Glad you did well at your ladies night. Hope you get a lot more business from it.
    The white cake stand to the left of the photo looks lovely by the way.

  3. Well done on your networking event, hope it brings lots of clients. Yumm rocky road, hungry already.

  4. Well what a shame you have all your testers. Only too willing to oblige when any cake-related testing is required!

    Well done with the feature! Everything looks yummy!

    Thanks for popping over and taking part in Handmade Monday! x

  5. Cake testing! My kinda job. Willing individual over here if you ever need a mouth to stuff full of cake ;)

    Glad to hear the event went well. And letting go that many business cards is a job well done.

  6. I think I live in the wrong place! How wonderful that looks. And the little handmade tag is sooooooo cute! I thought doing food for Handmade Monday was cheating but I can see that nope, I was wrong. Your little cakes look delish, why don't you just move across the pond and next door to me....what fun we could have! :)

  7. oh dear, I really shouldn't be reading this at nearly 5pm on a Monday afternoon. Am starving and drooling over your Rocky Roads. They look yummy and congrats on your evening, sounds like it went really well :)

  8. Your table looks fab, hope you get lots of interest following on from the ladies night :) Love the tag on the rocky road! Brilliant :)

  9. OMG more cakes I feel the pounds being added just looking at the pics. Well done with the networking and good luck with future orders from the ooh i musnt have sny brigade.


  10. Oh I love Rocky Road. There is another version with cut up mars bars, apricots etc. It is absolutely yummy. Give me a shout if you want the recipe.

  11. Your cakes look so yummy, I'd be one of your guinea pigs any day.

    Thanks to your blog ( I'm sure of it ) I haven't lost any weight this week. It's all those lovely makes, they make me soooo hungry. :) And I feel sure they taste just as good as they look. ( a very big sigh )

  12. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments, although I am sure you're just angling for free cake, lol ;-)

    You may be in luck. My next offer will be announced on the blog. Probably at the end of the week and will involve P&P free muffins, although as with the Rocky Road there will be a small cost to cover the ingredients. I need to test each new flavour for postability you see...

    Loving the sound of Mars Bar and apricot! I have plans for various other Rocky Road style treats in the pipeline. Watch this space cake fans :)

  13. OMG love rocky roads!!! your table looks great. Why do women always do the negative thing and then go ahead and do the exact opposite of what they were saying or doing? I'm not like that needless to say if there is cake "no" is not in my vocabulary.