Monday, 21 February 2011

Eat me!

I had a really busy week last week and it seems this week will be no different! I did a Luxury Ladies Evening at a local private school on Thursday and got through about half a box of business cards and loads of samples- hilarious how many of the ladies said 'oh no, really I musn't', then ate about one and a half cakes worth of samples! I made some fabulous contacts and was photographed for Somerset Life magazine, although why they didn't want to take pretty, up close photos of the cakes is beyond me... Note to self, must iron apron next time, oops!

And I thought my cupcakes would look lost on a 6' table!

I decided at the end of last week that I would offer Rocky Road at little more than cost price to anyone who would be a posting guinea pig. I got a huge response and I've been packaging and posting little packets of yumminess today. So my handmade Monday item for this week (thanks Wendy at 1st Unique Gifts!) is Rocky Road, wrapped in greaseproof paper, tied with string and finished off with handmade labels.