Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Great 'Cupcakes by Post' Experiment

Having talked about trying it for ages, I finally got my act together yesterday and posted two boxes of cupcakes from Somerset to Leeds. I was happy with how I'd packaged them... until I arrived at the Post Office and was told (as the lady behind the desk read the 'this way up' instruction on the box), 'Well, they won't stay that way up, I'm going to chuck them in a bag in a minute.' What fabulous customer service, well done Royal Mail! Still, the rougher their journey, the more realistic the results I suppose!

I've just heard that the first box has arrived at it's destination, so that's good. It left here less than 24 hours ago, so at least they'll still be fresh!

They're a little bit bashed about, but really not too bad considering. I've got one more box arriving today, then another box off to London tomorrow which I'll change the packaging of slightly based on todays results- exciting stuff... watch this space far away cake fans!

Photo from the recipient, thanks Ben!


  1. Glad they arrived in the first place :) Got mail on the 29th of Jan that was posted 16th Dec . . darn bills ! The packaging you need must be fairly tough though - well done :-)

  2. Crikey, can you imagine the state of a cake after all that time!!!

  3. Great work. I can still see beautifully formed roses.