Tuesday, 8 February 2011

This time, it's definitely a muffin!

Part Three of my 'Cupcakes by Post' experiment is taking a different direction. I'm sending a box of muffins tomorrow. I'm going to let the cupcakes by post project simmer for a while. I'm not happy that I can get icing of any sort through the post intact, and if it doesn't look like something I'd be proud to own up to, I'd rather not do it at all. Muffins on the other hand, being the ugly duckling of the small cake world have no icing and may be perfect for posting! No disrespect to the muffin you understand, ugly they may be, but they are no less delicious than their more beautiful counterpart.

Tonight's concoction is Peanut butter and chocolate chip. Slightly sweet, slightly salty- a few tweaks are needed to get the balance right, and they almost certainly need more choc chips (you can never have too many, right?!) but their purpose is to survive the post, and put a smile on someone's face. Fingers crossed they're up to the challenge.

In case you were wondering what had happened to those cheapy frames, they now have pride of place in the hall. Not bad for less than £4.50!


  1. Wow.. they look delicious!! i love chocolate, peanut butter and muffins! lol x

  2. Me too! If only I wasn't trying to lose weight... x

  3. Ugly ducklings indeed! They look beautiful! Proof's in the tasting of course!

  4. mmmm...look delicious...and can never have enough chocolate!