Friday, 4 February 2011

The Great 'Cupcakes by Post' Experiment... part two. And some bargains.

Well, the second version of packaging was much more successful than the first, with three out of four cupcakes arriving in perfect condition. Just a slight tweak needed to those going next week and hopefully I'll be able to get them safely to their admirers who live nowhere near!

I've got a bit of a photo frame theme going on at the moment. I bought a pile of various sized super-cheap frames from Wilkinsons the other day which I plan to use on the various stalls I have coming up to display price lists and photos of cakes. I don't like them though, so I'm going to pimp them! I'll blog again once they're done. Here they are in their pre-pimped state!

There were some absolute too-good-to-pass-up bargain frames in Morrisons today too. Three walnut effect 6"x4" frames for £1.48- I bought nine! I have plans for a family photo montage type thing...

My other weekend job is to cover all of these...

...and many more that you can't see, in glitter!

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